Pedagogical approach


Education about privacy and protection of personal information is easily integrated into subject-specific curriculum.


Each activity presented in this educational kit defines both subject-specific learning objectives as well as objectives related to promoting awareness of privacy protection.


The activities are designed to meet competency requirements of the program of study of the province or territory. They aim to increase students’ awareness of issues related to privacy protection and help them develop both subject-specific competencies as well as cross-curricular or transversal competencies through diverse learning situations.


  • Intellectual
  • Methodological
  • Personal and social
  • Communication related


The main activities 1 to 6 integrate easily into a course in personal and social development, citizenship, or life skills. The complementary activities 7 to 10 are associated with four different subject areas: arts education, French as a second language, English language arts, and information technology or science and technology.