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Developing the Skills of ATIP Professionals

The AAPI offers relevant, targeted, and useful training activities that really address the concerns of its members, of the Quebec and federal public administration bodies and of private companies, with regards to access to information and privacy.

By participating in any of the training activities:

  • you will benefit from a unique expertise in Quebec—the AAPI’s;
  • you will be able to enrich your knowledge and to develop skills and practices that can quickly be transferred into the performing of your duties;
  • you will have the opportunity to develop networks of contacts as well as good practices sharing networks.

Among else, your participation represents an undeniable advantage for your employer, who will thus have access to expertise in this specialized area and will be able to develop the organization’s skills in ATIP in order to optimize the processes.

On the Agenda

Journées professionnelles en AIPVP

In consistence with the goals of the previous conventions, the AAPI now furthers its mission by hosting Journées professionnelles en AIPVP that are meant for practitioners and people in charge of ATIP.

The goal of these is to optimize your practices with the help of concrete tools. You will come out of these with solutions that are adapted to your area of activity and reality, and applicable immediately. This approach has proven to be appropriate in the perspective of greater transparency and of an enhanced protection of personal information.

ATIP Professional Training Program–Public bodies in Quebec (ATIPPTP–PBQ)

The AAPI’s Access to Information and Privacy Professional Training Program–Public bodies in Quebec (ATIPPTP–PBQ) contributes to the recognition of the specialty and specifications of the duties related to access to information and privacy (ATIP), by providing the ATIP professionals with a training program that is unique in its approach as well as by the professional quality of trainers and of the content, and one that relies on the Guide pratique sur l’accès et la protection de l’information, a reference tool specifically focused on the daily reality of ATIP professionals. Passing the Program’s exam enables you to obtain a professional certification that is granted by the AAPI, in conjunction with the Université de Montréal.

Read the brochure for the PFPAIPRP – OPQ, 10th edition, 2021 (in French)

ATIP Training Program–Federal Institutions (ATIPTP–FI)

Do your employees need to acquire knowledge about ATIP rules and best practices in relation to the needs and realities of your institution? Do you want to support them in developing their skills as ATIP analysts?

The AAPI makes available to federal institutions an ATIP training, which is distinguished by its content, the professional quality of the trainers and its pedagogical approach that encourages active participation, using concrete situations punctuated by practical solutions and proposing procedures for the immediate application of knowledge.  

The Program now includes two modules:

  • MODULE A: Integration to the ATIP Analyst function, which is open to all new employees and those with less than two years experience in an ATIP office.  
  • MODULE B: ATIP Development, which is open to any employee with two or more years of experience in an ATIP office or who has completed Module A. Module B is currently under development.

The Program is accredited by the Faculté de l’éducation permanente of the Université de Montréal, which allows participants who meet the requirements of the ATIPTP-FI to receive an attestation in the form of continuing education units.

Read the brochure for the ATIPTP-FI 2021, Module A

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Access to and Protection of Personal Information Professional Training–Private Companies (APPIPT-PC)

According to the changes that are proposed in bill 64 (An Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information), “every person who operates a company must determine and apply policies and practices that are adequate, in order to regulate their governance pertaining to personal information and to protect this information.” The Access to and Protection of Personal Information Professional Training–Private Companies (APPIPT-PC), which is currently being developed, will allow the designated people in charge of the protection of personal information as well as the company’s staff to quickly acquire knowledge and develop practices and tools in this area.

Continuing Education Program

The activities of the Continuing Education Program will enable professionals that are concerned with access to information and privacy (ATIP) within their work to acquire knowledge in order to retain their skills in these matters.

Pedagogical Approach

The pedagogical approach adopted by the AAPI encourages the active participation of people who have signed up, as well as the studying of real situations, to provide them with concrete solutions and practices. These situations include not only common cases, but also more complex or delicate issues that you will learn to solve. Therefore, you will also gain confidence in your own professional reality when it comes to ATIP.


The training sessions are now offered remotely, by videoconference.