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Professional Recognition

The Association of Access to Information and Privacy Professionals (AAPI) contributes to the outreach of its members by recognizing their skills, efforts, contribution as well as their exceptional commitment, in their workplace or within the Association.

Programs and Training Activities Recognition

The AAPI makes sure to reach its goals in terms of knowledge transfer, skill development and leadership of the access to information and privacy professionals, by designing and disseminating different programs and training activities that are recognized by the following organizations:

The Faculty of Continuing Education of the Université de Montréal

Since its first edition, the AAPI’s ATIPPTP–PBQ has been certified by the Faculty of Continuing Education of the Université de Montréal. The participants that meet the requirements for the training sessions receive a professional certification or a certificate of attendance in the form of continuing education credits (CEC).

The Barreau du Québec

The Association sur l’accès et la protection de l’information (AAPI), operating under the name Association of Access to Information and Privacy Professionals, is a recognized provider with the Barreau du Québec for several of its training programs. The Barreau du Québec having made changes to the recognition procedure for the training activities, it is now the responsibility of each participant to present their certification for having participated in the Professional training program in ATIPP–PBQ, in order for their participation to be recognized as part of the mandatory continuing education of attorneys.

The Chambre des notaires du Québec

The Order’s executive committee has agreed, during its October 21, 2011 session, to recognize the AAPI’s training activities for the purposes of applying the Provision on the mandatory notary continuing education.

Professional certifications

Access to Information and Privacy Professional Training Program–Public bodies in Quebec (ATIPPTP–PBQ)

Professional certification in ATIP

The professional certification in ATIP is granted when the participant has successfully completed the regular curriculum of the ATIPPTP–PBQ.

In order to obtain their professional certification, each participant must pass the test after having completed all of the Program’s classes. The test has been put together by a committee of experts in ATIP, in collaboration with the Faculty of Continuing Education of the Université de Montréal, and reflects the learning goals resulting from the optimal profile of skills on which the program was structured. It makes it possible to evaluate the knowledge and measure the skills of the participant.

Participation certificate issued by the AAPI and the Université de Montréal

A certification is granted by the AAPI and the Faculty of Continuing Education of the Université de Montréal when the participant has attended all the courses of the LAIPRP, AGI or PGRP module. Thus, completion of the LAIPRP module leads to the issuing of the LAIPRP module Participation Certificate, and the same applies to the other modules.

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Access to Information and Privacy Training Program–Federal Institutions (ATIPTP–FI)

Attestation issued by the AAPI and the Université de Montréal

Certification will be granted upon successful completion of a module. In order to obtain the attestation from the Université de Montréal and the AAPI, the participant will have to pass the exam after having completed all the courses of the module. In the event of an absence from one or more courses, the participant will be able to retake the course(s) and write the exam at a subsequent module session.

In order to obtain the ATIP certification, the participant will have to pass an exam offered online by the Université de Montréal. The exam, developed by a committee of ATIP experts in collaboration with the Université de Montréal, Faculté de l’éducation permanente, reflects the learning objectives of each course in the module. It assesses the participant’s knowledge and skills based on choice of answer questions. The participant will have a limited amount of time to complete the exam online.

Recognition of members by their peers

The Mérite AAPI

The Mérite AAPI award is handed out by a committee of members formed by the Board of Directors. The AAPI thus highlights the work excellence and rewards the efforts of its members and former members who have contributed, by their achievements, to reaching one or several of the Association’s goals.

By establishing and handing out the first “Mérite AAPI” award in 2003, the Association publicly recognized the significant dedication of an AAPI corporate member, member, former member or team by awarding them the Mérite AAPI Bronze, which is created exclusively for the AAPI by painter and sculptor Ms. Céline G. Lapointe.

After a momentary pause in awarding the Mérite AAPI, the Association is currently reflecting on the goals and terms of that recognition activity.

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Prix Hommage AAPI

The Prix Hommage AAPI is handed out by the Board of Directors to highlight the exceptional dedication and the precious contribution of a person who has worked within the Association. It is meant to recognize and reward the efforts that are deployed by a person in their community of access to information and privacy, in order to promote the mission and organizational values of the Association.

The people who have been awarded the Prix Hommage AAPI are:

2011 – Diane Poitras, attorney and president of the AIC

2019 – Ms. Danielle Corriveau, ATIP consultant