The activities presented in this kit introduce eight likeable characters that students can easily relate to. Each of them behaves differently when it comes to sharing personal information on the Internet. In these thought-provoking activities, the characters share their online experiences with the students.

Hi there! My name is Xavier. I go to the nearby high school and I know pretty well everyone in the neighbourhood. Would you like to meet some of my friends?



Elizabeth, or Lily as her friends call her, loves pop music. She plays guitar and is in a band with three of her friends. Sometimes, she posts her songs on YouTube to see what comments people leave about her music.


Thomas doesn’t like going on the computer or watching TV. He would rather be outside hiking in the woods or doing other outdoor stuff. He likes to go camping and skiing and he loves to draw. His dream is to make comic books one day.


Chloe is a movie fanatic! She also likes reading novels and acting in plays. When she goes on the Internet, it’s usually to read plays and find out things about her favourite actors.


Sammy is a tech whiz. He knows all the gadgets, apps, and games out there.


Annie is really popular and knows everybody. She loves social media sites and is always posting messages for her friends. She adds new photos to her Facebook page constantly and leaves comments about the things she’s interested in.


Marco is an athlete and a devoted sports fan. He plays hockey and soccer and goes bike riding whenever he can. He goes onto Internet discussion forums all the time to talk about sports.


Misaki is obsessed with cats – she collects anything that has to do with them. She even goes on eBay sometimes to buy cat things for her collections. She likes to go on YouTube to watch all the funny cat videos.

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