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Services to Organizations

As a pillar of privacy, the protection of personal information must now take into account realities that surpass fiction: an increase in the collection and exchange of information, the deployment of increasingly sophisticated new technologies, cybercrime, identity theft, etc. Nowadays, organizations must be particularly more vigilant when it comes to inherent risks. They must also oversee the governance pertaining to the protection of personal information, and develop better practices in the use and the communication of such information.

In this context, and in accordance with its mission, the AAPI meets the needs of organizations and of their managers, by giving them access to an adapted range of services and training in order to support them in implementing better practices, including:

  • Evaluation of the knowledge
  • Improvement of the governance
  • Staff awareness and training

Evaluate the Knowledge of Your ATIP Staff

Aware of the needs of public and private organizations regarding the evaluation of staff knowledge in ATIP, the APPI provides them with, at a very affordable price:

  • An objective portrait of the knowledge of the organization’s staff according to the tasks that are performed;
  • Awareness and training activities that match the results of that evaluation.

Improve Your Governance

The governance support professional services in ATIP are meant for access to information and privacy professionals (ATIP) throughout their organization, whether it is public or private. These “customized” services are aimed at assisting them in operational management, and in developing rules and practices that regulate the governance of ATIP.

In terms of assistance, the service provided to members is meant to assist them in the analysis of access to documents or to personal information requests, as well as in their decision-making, so that it is as accurate and documented as possible with regards to the applicable standards.

As to the governance support professional services, they are meant to analyze the rules and procedures defined by an organization to regulate the governance and management of ATIP. Following this analysis, the AAPI will be able to recommend optimization measures that will allow it to reach its goals even better in terms of transparency and compliance, with regards to its legal and administrative duties in ATIP.

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about each of these services.

Bring Awareness and Training to Your Staff

Formation de sensibilisation au respect de la vie privée et à la protection des renseignements personnels

This awareness focused activity allows public bodies to bring awareness to their staff about privacy and protection of personal information. Therefore, by using situational simulations, the attendees will develop good reflexes and be able to adopt appropriate behaviours in these areas. This Web awareness training was initially designed to be distributed to cities and towns’ staff members. However, the AAPI can adapt it for other sectors of activity and for private businesses.

Visit the Outils et formation AAPI digital platform to learn more about the Formation de sensibilisation au respect de la vie privée et à la protection des renseignements personnels.

Training Adapted to the Workplace

The AAPI has all the expertise and experience that are needed to properly meet the needs of public and private organizations. The training sessions are designed and given by specialists, chosen according to the attendees’ sectors of activity and the challenges that they must face every day in their workplace. These training sessions address human resources, material resources, financial and documentary management, as well as information security and new technologies, and allow the targeted groups of employees:

  • To understand the issues surrounding access to information and privacy (ATIP);
  • To integrate the main obligations with regards to privacy and the security measures that contribute to it;
  • To understand their role and responsibilities, as well as those of different stakeholders;
  • To respect the laws to which the organization is subjected, as well as the normative, regulatory frameworks related to the cycle of personal information management.

Please contact us to share your needs in this matter with us.

Training Sessions Offered in Partnership

Along with different partners, the AAPI creates training activities meant for people who, given their field of competence, have to contribute to the performing of certain organizational responsibilities in ATIP and, in order to do so, need knowledge about access to information or privacy. These activities, some of which are part of the AAPI’s Continuing Education Program, are meant for a specific network or for all the networks, including:

  • The Municipal network and Public safety
  • The Réseau policier—ENPQ
  • The network of human resources advisors
  • The network of archival management professionals

Investing in one or several subscriptions to these training activities is a profitable decision that will generate immediate benefits for you, your staff, and your organization!

Please read the activities program to learn more about this topic.